Las Vegas Pet Spa is proud to offer professional cat grooming.  To ensure our feline family members have the best grooming experience possible, Las Vegas Pet Spa has specialized groomers -  uniquely trained in the art of cat grooming.  Cat grooming will enhance a shiny clean mat free coat.  Helping your kitty to stay healthy and comfortable.

We don’t just stop at cats when it comes to pet grooming at Las Vegas Pet Spa. Make sure to bring your dog to see us as well. The same comprehensive grooming service we offer our feline friends can be extended to our K9 friends too! No matter your dog’s size or breed, we have the expertise and care to perfectly match the grooming needs involved. And just like with your cat, let us know your specific ideas for the grooming of your dog and we’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure they’re completed to your satisfaction.

Price List Estimations (exact price can be given when you drop off your pet)

Cat Grooming Bath & Brush Haircut (includes bath & brush)
Short hair $35 – $40 $65
Medium-Long Hair $45 – $55 $65


Other treatments for cats are:

Shedless Deep Conditioning treatment that removes approximately 90% of the dead loose hair.   $10

A great alternative to shaving your pet and less vacuuming your home!

Teeth Brushing- Chicken flavored toothpaste is used on a flat pet designed toothbrush to prevent the buildup of plague and tarter. Brushing a cat’s teeth does not equal that of a veterinary cleaning. Its main purpose is to clean and maintain the teeth between your pet’s dental appointments.    $5

Soft Paws – A great alternative to declawing your kitty. $30 (only $20 when having your cat bathed or groomed) Your choice pink or blue.

Blueberry Facial- Helps reduce the tear staining around a pets eyes and mouth that is caused by high acid levels in tears and saliva.    $5

[Price List Estimations (exact price can be given when you drop off your pet.]